Poster Session

The Poster Session Committee invites you to visit the  poster display at the Workshop.  Potential displays include GIS analyses and visualizations, high-quality cartographic products, or project-based informational and educational posters.

Poster Award Categories

Posters will be judged by a panel of peers, with the exception of the additional category, “Best of Show,” that will be voted on by the Workshop attendees. An individual may submit one poster or map, and should specify one of the three categories below. In addition, an individual may submit a second entry as part of a team. Awards will be given for the following categories: 

Spatial Analysis  
     or Visualization
Use of analytical techniques to reveal spatial or thematic data relationships, analyze patterns, or otherwise enhance our understanding of spatially-related phenomena. This category also may include high impact posters that rise above the ordinary through the creative use of 3-D views, innovative color shading, imagery, unusual viewpoints, or other "special effects."
     Design and
Traditional mapping products demonstrating the art of map-making as a communication media by the effective or creative use of layout elements.
Best example of a specific project which used GIS to accomplish its goals or of a process that ties GIS into business processes. Poster displays showing work flows and project development over time are encouraged. This category may also includes examples of GIS used as a tool for outreach to share the results of projects with the general public, managers, policy-makers, and other non-specialists.

Posters are eligible for awards in all categories. The Poster Committee reserves the right to create additional awards as merited by the poster submissions.


For more information regarding the Poster Session please contact Robin Hoban (850)877-7881

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