NameTitle of PosterDescription
Duane 'JT' TreadonIdentifying Opportunity Zones in Georgia, A Spatial ApproachThis poster demonstrates the use of a Geo Database in identifying potential areas eligible for Opportunity Zone designation in Georgia.
Kelly DaireUse of GIS to Explore the Effectiveness of CanvassingA GIS was used to explore the effectiveness of canvassing on the amount of bear calls the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission received.
Kyle SchaperHillsborough County Fire Rescue FY2010 IncidentsTabular incident call data for FY2010 were compiled from Hillsborough County Fire Rescue (HCFR) and analyzed as part of a 2011 Supplemental Report to the 2005-2015 Capital Facilities Master Plan. This map is part of a series included in the report. The 80,000 calls were summarized by address to create a count to symbolize for creation of this wall map for HCFR staff. Original size: 36x48".
Kyle SchaperUrban Service Area Capacity Study Redevelopment PotentialThis map is part of a series prepared for an Urban Service Area Capacity Study report for the Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission. Parcels were screened against several factors, including proximity to water/sewer service and arterial roads, DOR codes, floodplain, size limits per jurisdiction, structure-to-land values, and of course the Urban Service Area. This paring down leaves a remainder of lands that have the most redevelopment potential. Original size: 34x44".
John CroweNFIP Watershed Discovery Map, Apalachicola River & Bay - New RiverThe vision for Risk MAP is to deliver quality data that increases public awareness and leads to action that reduces risk to life and property. Risk MAP builds on flood hazard data and maps produced during the Flood Map Modernization (Map Mod) program.
Reba FranklinWorld War II in the Gulf of MexicoAllied ships attacked in the Gulf of Mexico between May 1942 & April 1943. The poster illustrates location and type of ship as well as the cargo it was carrying. It also shows if the ship was sunk or damaged. Includes newspaper articles referring to specific ships along with some poster images related to the war. A supplemental sheet is provided specifying more information about each attack.
Arifa OzairLeon County Terrian Base for part of North East Quadrant:And How the increased uses of LIDAR devices is proven effective in everyday lifeZoomed in view of Township 17 and Section 17 and 7 of the North East Quadrant of Leon County displaying the terrian base. Surface elevation presented as shaded relief; intended for use as a basemap layer to add shaded relief to maps.It has bathymetry and watercourses features.Also, illustrating the increased uses of Lidar devices proven effective in every day life.
Kathe RoperAll Roads Lead to AustenAll Roads Lead to Austen is a project designed as an example of Spatial Humanities. This field allows historians and other academics to analyze information and examine real and fictional places in new ways. In particular, this project is intended to illustrate how GIS could be integrated into K-12 education as a type of supplemental instruction.
Jason McEachernUsing Arc Hydro to Create a Successful Flow DirectionThis poster describes a method to generate a successful flow direction from a raw DEM to a hydro-enforced DEM using Arc Hydro tools.
Dean K. JueIntroducing Florida's Newest Natural Resource: The Atlas of Florida's Natural HeritageIntroduces FSU's newly-published Atlas of Florida's Natural Heritage. Highlights conservation-focused spatial analyses presented in the Atlas.
Frederick KocherCrustacean LocationTracking Blue Crab Trapping using passive GPS
Nancy ChurchVolusia on a tank fullEcological, Cultural, Historic, and Outdoor (ECHO) Activities Map. Volusia County abounds with an abundance of recreational, natural and historic places to view and experience first hand. This application allows you to view information from multiple organizations in one location.
Larry GordonAtlantic Boulevard Estates - Jacksonville, FL "Impacts of Pond Construction Dewatering on Solvent Contamination in Potable Wells"The DOH maintains a statewide database of wells and chemical contamination which can be accessed by browsing to our website at SUPER ACT.NET. We encourage other agencies and the general public to review this information prior to purchasing property, drilling wells, constructing ponds, general dewatering or other instances where environmental impacts could occur in an area of known contamination. This poster describes an incident in Jacksonville, Florida where dewatering at a construction site caused groundwater contamination to move into residential drinking water wells.
Joe NobleImproving Research, Conservation, and Education Through Geospatial ProductsTall Timbers Research Station provides geospatial products that support research, conservation, and education. Products such as web mapping applications, GIS tools and conservation planning tools are used to support both in-house projects and outside collaborative projects. We also provide education and extension opportunities through GIS workshops and landowner visitation and consultation.