Introduction to LiDAR
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  LiDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging) has become widely accepted tool to generate accurate terrain models used in a variety of GIS applications.

This workshop will provide an overview of this exciting technology. A history of this advanced mapping tool will be discussed as well as a review of its current and future trends. The course will describe potential applications and will provide case studies of how this data has been used by agencies throughout the United States.
  Topics Covered
  • LiDAR technology summary and how it works
  • Terminology and specifications
  • Airborne acquisition, mapping workflow and post processing methods
  • Quality control pointers and potential error sources
  • LiDAR processing software demonstration
  • Future trends in the technology
  • Case studies from exemplary projects
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  Length of Course
  1 Day
November 8th
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  8:30 - 4:30


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