NameTitle of PosterDescription
Sara WanderFunGIS: Tracking, Mapping and Predicting the Spatial Distribution of Edible Wild Mushrooms in TallahasseeThis poster will look at field collected data on the locations of chanterelle mushrooms patches around Tallahassee. Other spatial data including topography, soil type, and green spaces will be used to find common trends in the spatial distribution of these mushrooms. Lastly, methods will be used to predict locations to find more of these mushrooms around the city.
Vineela GriddaluruGIS for Non-GIS Compatible Seepage ModelThe poster depicts how GIS had become an essential tool for displaying the model results of a seepage analysis model. This 2D-3D modeling software does not have any import-export options from-to GIS except for a simple text format export of the results with no spatial information associated. GIS was still used to display these results text file into presentable maps and figures.
Lee HartmanGeomorphic Mapping in Two National Park Service Units in Northeast FloridaThe Florida Geological Survey is mapping the geomorphology for Fort Matanzas and Castillo de San Marcos National Monuments. Color infrared imagery was classified using remote sensing software to identify water and wetland features. True color aerial imagery and LiDAR data were utilized to delineate additional surface geomorphic units. This geomorphic mapping is highly detailed to identify surficial geology and the ecology of discrete features in the coastal zone of northeastern Florida.
Lee HartmanGeologic Mapping in Two National Park Service Units in Northeast FloridaThe Florida Geological Survey is mapping new surficial and subsurface geology for the National Park Service at Fort Matanzas and Castillo de San Marcos National Monuments. Lithologic description of samples in the FGS Core and Cuttings Repository and new cores collected for this project provide greater geologic stratigraphy detail for coastal northeastern Florida. Based on the lithologic descriptions, cross sections were also developed to show the subsurface geology in the region.
Reba FranklinWhen Lightning StrikesCartographic representation of storm data from the National Weather Service for the years 2006 -2012 that involved injury or death from lightning. Lightning injuries and deaths that occurred during common activities are represented by activity symbol. Includes address of on line version with full description of incidents resulting in death.
Jennifer BockLandscape Level In-Stream Habitat Mapping Using Side Scan Sonar Side scan sonar is an efficient, low-cost approach for mapping habitat features in navigable rivers and streams. It provides a means to create high resolution, spatially detailed maps of continuous, instream habitat across broad aquatic landscapes. Side scan sonar was used to create substrate maps of 45 km. of the Chipola River. The final maps have been used to help identify substrate types associated with nest site selection in Shoal Bass, as well as to assess habitat availability.
Khaleda HatimFlorida Rail Basemap for the Strategic Intermodal System and Freight, Logistics and Passenger Operations Railroads hauled over three million carloads and more than 580 million tons of freight in 2010. Railroads allow Florida's Seaports, agriculture, manufacturing and other industries to extend the markets for their goods. There is an increasing number of Work Program projects programmed with the goal of meeting the demands of rail transportation. Florida Rail Basemap has recently been designed and developed so that FDOT can play significant role in railroad safety, planning, and operations.
Michelle Ladle Risk and Liability Analysis Modeling for Hurricane Damage on Florida Bridges: A Geographical Information System Application Bridges are not exempt from impacts of destructive storms. With the use of GIS, a model was developed to help prioritize funding for repair and replacement of structurally susceptible bridges as well as improve emergency response after an event. This poster summarizes the model, which aims to better understand impacts due to hurricanes on bridges in Florida, identify the most susceptible bridges, and determine the most influential factors on risk and liability.
Satira Staley Florida Official Transportation Map: Methods of Mapping Past and PresentThe Florida Official Transportation map is a general-purpose map featuring prevalent roads, cities, state parks, and tourist attractions. Throughout time, the exploration and use of various cartographic techniques culminate in producing these maps. Recently, the Florida Department of Transportation spawned an initiative to produce the map entirely in GIS. This Poster will survey techniques past and present used in creating this map and highlight the FDOT 2014 Official Transportation Map.
Alicia LawrenceThe Florida Apiary/Citrus Industry LinkCitrus greening threatens commercial citrus as well as the apiary and pollination industries. Proper spray programs help the citrus industry, however, it is also critical to protect the apiary industry. Communication is an important part the solution. The Florida Apiary/Citrus Industry Link is an ArcGIS Online web mapping application that promotes and simplifies communication between the industries by providing the location and owner contact information for citrus groves and beehives.
Jason CoxWorking With Historic Aerial ImageryA brief look at the processes involved with preparing historic images for use in a countywide mosaic. Poster will briefly cover cropping, transforming, and rectifying the images. Poster will touch on issues regarding file size/format that have cropped up during the workflow.

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