Training Courses

The training courses this year will be covering a variety of GIS topics and ranging from Beginner to Advanced. These classes are on a limited first come first served basis and typically accommodate 12-14 students.

Many courses sold out last year so register early to secure your seat.
  • Introduction to Python for ArcGIS - Two Days - $650.00
  • This App’s for You!: GIS in the era of Smartphones and Mobile Devices - One Day - $350.00
  • Introduction to Model Builder Day One - One Day - $360.00
  • Introduction to Model Builder Day Two - Optional 2nd Day - $240.00

In order to receive a full refund for the cancellation of your 2013 SHRUG GIS Workshop registration, express written notification of the cancellation must be emailed to Jim Cichon no later than September 30th, 2013. For payments received by credit card, a CREDIT will be made to the account number used for billing. All other forms of payment will receive a check mailed to the Billing Name and Address listed on the registration form.

All Cancellation requests postmarked after September 30th, 2013, but no later than October 12th, 2013, will receive 75% of the amount of the original registration fee. The same refund methods listed above will still apply. All cancellation requests postmarked after October 12th, 2013 but before October 23th, 2013, will receive 50% of the amount of the original registration fee. The same refund methods listed above will still apply.

Register for Training

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For questions concerning training please contact David Kelly.

Introduction to Python for ArcGIS

Date: Thursday and Friday, November 21st and 22nd
Price: $650.00

Esri has adopted Python as its primary scripting language for the ArcGIS platform. Python can now be used to create labeling expressions, in the Field Calculator, administer SDE, create custom add-ins, and more. This is making it more and more critical for ArcGIS users to learn Python.

This two day class will introduce students to the fundamentals of the Python scripting language, how to access basic ArcGIS geoprocessing functions using a python script and how to create simple python scripts using IDLE.

Target Audience

This course is designed for those with little to no python programming experience that wish to know how to take advantage of Esri's integration with the Python language to automate processes, build label expressions, create custom add-ins and more.

Prerequisites and recommendations

Students taking this course should have at least one year of experience using ArcGIS Desktop and some experience with ModelBuilder. Basic understanding of programming concepts is helpful but not required.

This App’s for You!: GIS in the era of Smartphones and Mobile Devices

Date: Monday, November 18th
Price: $350.00

This will be a hands-on, exercise based workshop focusing on geospatial apps. More and more people are purchasing smartphones and mobile devices, and, as such, the opportunity to share, disseminate and collect data is increasing along with the rapid advancement in technology. The mobile era is changing the way we do business in the office, the classroom and in the field. In this workshop we provide an overview of app technology, review some of the dozens of GIS apps out there, discover how to tap into some apps using freeware apps, integrate GIS products into these apps to display and/or capture geospatial data, and displaying and collecting data using ESRI’s out-of-the-box app solution.

Introduction to Model Builder

Day One:
Date: Monday, November 18th
Price: $360.00

Optional Day Two:
Date: Thursday, November 21st
Price: $240.00

Note: This class will be offered in two parts. Day one is Monday and day two is Thursday. Day two is optional and not required to take day one. Day two includes final project and how to document a model

Geoprocessing is an essential aspect of GIS that provides the ability to analyze and process geographic data. Geoprocessing tools can be accessed in ArcGIS via ArcToolbox, ModelBuilder, or Python scripts. ArcGIS ModelBuilder allows users with little to no programming skills to develop automated data processing routines within ArcGIS using a graphical interface.

ArcGIS' ModelBuilder provides a graphical modeling framework for designing and implementing geoprocessing models that can include system tools, scripts, other models, and data that are linked together to form an analysis or processing workflow. Because ModelBuilder uses a graphical interface that is integrated with ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox, users can create Models without the need of learning a programming language. However a model can be extended using Python scripts.

Target Audience

This course is for those who wish to learn how ModelBuilder can be used to create automate processes, standardize workflows and provide process documentation.

Prerequisites and recommendations

Students wishing to take this course should have completed ArcGIS II: Essential Workflows or ArcGIS Desktop 2: Tools & Functionality or have similar real world experience.